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Mont-Saint-Guibert,Belgium and Xi’an,China–14th January 2016,CISSOID,the leader in high temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions,
  HANGJING and CISSOID jointly announce a strategic partnership to develop high reliability and high temperature electronics modules
  Mont-Saint-Guibert,Belgium and Xi’an,China–14th January 2016,CISSOID,the leader in high temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions,and HANGJING,the leader in high temperature and extreme environment hybrid modules in China,jointly announce todaythatthey have signed a strategic partnership agreement to develop high reliability and high temperature electronic hybrid modules.
  This agreement brings together CISSOID’s 15 years’experience in developing semiconductors that operate in extreme temperatures and harsh environments,with HANGJING’s 17 years’expertisein developing complex high quality and high reliability multichip module solutions.Collaboration between the companies will address packaging multiple ICs into new,integrated and compact standard multichip module products.Products introduced will address new,high temperature applications enabling customers to quickly develop their own solutions and reduce time to market.
  CISSOID and HANGJING will shortly announce the details of the first jointly developed standard product based on CISSOID’s VESUVIO specification,a high reliability,Step-down DC-DC converter solution that will provide a fully integrated solution to their customers.Both companies plan also to cooperate on other hybrid solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.
  “HANGJING is very excited to be working with CISSOID on developing next generation high temperature products,”said Mr.KuanhouWang,CEO at HANGJING.“Based on the advanced high temperature chips of CISSOID and excellent multichip assembling and packaging technologies of HANGJING,we see this relationship as key for pushing our high temperature(beyond 200°C)multichip modules widely used for oil&gas,aerospace,aviation,and industrial markets not only in China but also across the world”.
  Dave Hutton,CEO at CISSOID,added:“We are extremely pleased and excited about this first collaboration in China.We have been working very closely with many market leaders in the oil&gas,aerospace,industrial and automotive markets in China and it is clear that these customers increasingly require a more integrated solution to address key application areas.The collaboration with HANGJING who already works with many of the same customers in China will allow us to bring together our expertise and excellence into solutions that address those market needs”.
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  CISSOID is the leader in high temperature semiconductor solutions,delivering standard products and custom solutions for power management,power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperature and harsh environments.CISSOID provides high reliability products guaranteed from-55°C to+225°C and commonly used outside that range,from cryogenic lows to upper extremes.
  Whether the ambient temperature is low but the power dissipation heats up the chips,or in high temperature environments,CISSOID products enable energy,weight and cost savings in lighter,cooling-free and more compact electronic systems.They are used in mission-critical systems as well as in applications requiring long-term reliability.CISSOID supplies leaders in the Oil&Gas,Aeronautics,Industrial and Automotive markets.
  Shaanxi Hangjing Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.(Hangjing),established in 1998,located in Xi’an,China,is a leading enterprise who focuses on designing,researching&developing,and producing Hybrid Integrated Circuits(HIC),especially thick-film HICs.
  Hangjing has developed hundreds of types of components for customers covering industries of oil&gas,navigation,etc.which require long-life&high reliability,and can operate in extreme temperatures(-55~200°C).As a leading enterprise in the industry,Hangjing is aiming at offering optimum solution,developing,improving,and optimizing special ICs and modules,which can improve the whole system performance according to customers’demands.
  Hangjing has conducted lots of technological innovation in the industry with new design,new technology,and new materials featuring high temperature(maximum operating temperature over 200°C),shock resistance,ESD≥4000V,surge resistance,etc.HJ components such as amplifiers,drivers,power supplies etc.have been operating in extreme environments,such asover 3000m underground oil well.
  Hangjing wins respects from customers,collaborators and competitors through continuous innovation,concentration,and professional ethics,and high quality products and solutions.