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Company profile

       Shaanxi HangJing Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998, which is located in the new industrial park of Xi'an aerospace industrial base. The company is a high-tech enterprises, which is engaged in the development, production and service of semiconductor thick film integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit.
       The company has more than 70 employees, including 3 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 6 senior engineers, a management team with high experience in military products and a R&D team which has more than 30 employees having a master degree.
  The company has a more than 2000 square meters industrial plant, Including 500 square meters clean area. The company has a production line for the thick film integrated circuit, an assemble production line for the semiconductor integrated circuit and a test center with military standard.
Since the company established, it has developed hundreds of military and other high performance integrated circuit production for tens of companies in aerospace, weapons, ships, oil and others. Also, the company has provided excellent technical services for dozens of industrial companies and built the long-term cooperative relations with them. Some products in the company are exported overseas and get high peer review. The company has developed dozens of long-life, high reliability of electronic devices  which have the resistance of harsh electrical environments and high temperature to meet the special requirement of CNPC, CNOOC and other industries. The quality of product even better than the imported device.
The company focuses on providing the whole solution and can do the research, development and improvement for specific integrated circuit and functional module according to the special requirements of customers in order to improving the system performance.
  Meanwhile, the company also provides a variety grade of integrated circuit to hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises and built long-term relationships with them.
  The company passed the GB/T19001-2000 quality system certification standards and strictly follows the national military standard and relevant industry and enterprise standards.
  Quality policy: quality first, continuing improvement, striving for perfect products, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  Business purposes: customer first, quality first, integrity-based service.
The aerial crystal integrated circuit with new design, new technology and new materials, which has the advantages like the resistance of high temperature (highest working temperature can reach 200℃), the resistance of impact, antistatic(ESD≥4000V) and the anti surge capacity. It creates the record for working under 3000 meters deep well environment with operational amplifier, drive, power supply series circuit.
  The company developed and provided eleven series aircraft crystal brand integrated circuit products, for the user to choose.
  1. Integrated operational amplifier series. The product has excellent antistatic performance, the resistance of high temperature, high voltage, and high current.
  2. Modem, phase sensitive demodulator series. The product has the advantages such as high precision, low drift, the resistance of high temperature and other characteristics.
  3. Signal generator and exciter series. The product has small waveform distortion, high frequency stability, strong drive ability.
  4. Regulator and DC/DC converter series. The product has high precision, low dropout, the resistance of high temperature and other characteristics.
  5. Redundant drive series. The product has redundant fault-tolerant design to eliminate single points of failure mode, high voltage and high current drive capability, the resistance of high temperature.
  6. Analog switch series. The product has high input impedance, strong anti-interference ability, fast switching speed and the resistance of high temperature.
  7. Transistor array. The product has great electrical and thermal performance matching and the resistance of high temperature.
  8. Photocouplers series. The product has the resistance of high temperature, fast switching speed and good current transfer ratio consistency.
  9. Converter series. The product has the resistance of high temperature, high sensitivity, wide signal frequency range and storing signal driving ability.
  10. Signal processor series. The product has high accuracy, good stability and easy debugging ability.
  11. Filter, notch filter series. The product has the high signal-to-noise ratio, low power consumption, high precision, the resistance of high temperature and other characteristics.
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